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Is Japanese Hair Straightening Right For You?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Summary: If you have curly or wavy hair or you desire for a shiny, super straight hairstyle, you can consider visiting a professional salon and try out the Japanese hair straightening method that will keep your hair straight until it grows out.

Nowadays, Japanese hair straightening or thermal reconditioning is a popular way of straightening wavy or curly hair. Hence, women, as well as men who are longing for perfectly straight hair without any daily hassle, are choosing this amazing option to create a shiny, sleek style. However, this hair straightening method comes with a little dispute, though, because it can cause damage to hair if it is done incorrectly. For this reason, before visiting a women or men’s hair salon in Flushing, it is highly recommended to choose the salon as well as hair stylist wisely. Mentioned below are some important considerations that will help you decide whether Japanese hair straightening method is right for you.

How Japanese Hair Straightening Works

The formula of Japanese hair straightening is based on a special solution applied to hair. Once the solution is applied to your hair, it breaks down the bonds of your hair to give it shape. Now, the hair stylist makes your hair pin-straight with the help of a flatiron.

The solution helps to saturate the hair so that it can be easy to rinse and dry the hair with a blow dryer. Then the stylist of Japanese hair straightening in Flushing follows the technique of flatiron the hair with a ceramic iron in some small sections. Usually, most professional hair salons apply a good quality neutralizer that locks the style in place.

Here, you need to remember that the entire process of Japanese hair straightening in diligent and time taking. The labour and how much time it will take depend on the length and thickness of your hair. Hence, a men’s hair salon in Flushing may also take a few hours to complete the straightening process on men.

How Long the Straightening Lasts

Both the Japanese and Brazilian hair straightening methods are considered as ‘permanent straightening’ that are not reversible, and you need to wait for some time to grow out. Here, the Japanese hair straightening treatment can last for six months that is almost twice compared to the Brazilian straightening method.

This particular hair straightening method is opposite of a perm. Therefore, many women and men choose this straightening method after a perm as their hair grows and they decide they no longer need the curls.

Hence, you need to consider that if you want to go with this straightening method, you need to be patient and wait for the time to get it retreated. Otherwise, you can go for a drastic cut if you don’t want to wait for a certain period.

Japanese Hair Straightening in the USA

Japanese hair straightening treatment is nothing new in the USA as it was introduced in New York City and its surroundings in the early 2000s. For women who have curly hair and long for silky straight tresses, this straightening is like a miracle procedure. You can walk into a women or men’s hair salon in Flushing with curly hair and spend around $150 to $500 (depends on the length and condition of your hair) for hours of Japanese hair straightening treatment and walk out with straight, super sleek hair.

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